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Ever Green Commemorative Gardens
The Commemorative Tree and Bench Program is the result of a partnership between the Kessler Society and the Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation department which provides opportunities for the public to commemorate people and/or events through the donation of funds for the purchase and installation of trees and benches.

Parks and Recreation pre-determines the locations of the benches and trees in desginated park and boulevard areas. Trees are planted in groupings with the associated signage mounted on an upright post listing the names of the individuals being commemorated within that grouping. This sign is a metal stock plate with a listng of approximately ten to twenty names. The sign is easily replaced or updated. The wrought iron benches are identified with 4" x 8" standard cast bronze plaques with are placed in a special inset manufactured into the back of each bench. All benches are of the same wrought iron manufacture and style.

Theis Park was the first designated commemorative tree and bench area. The area has been successfully completed and is now closed to future tree plantings and bench installations. The other commemorative tree and bench locations that The Kessler Society markets and cordinates include the Brush Creek Corridor from Brookside Boulevard west to Roanoke Road; Brush Creek located on the southwest corner of Benton Boulevard at Cleaver II Boulevard; Scarritt Point located at Gladstone Boulevard and Cliff Drive; and Penguin Park in Lakewood Greenway.

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Kessler Society sponsored commemorative benches
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