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Residents who need to either obtain a new tree or replace one blown down or severely damaged in a storm planted on the city right-of-way may do so through this program. The Kessler Society with the City Forester will specify the tree species and size, identify the best location for the tree, acquire the tree and plant the tree. The resident is response for paying for the tree at the wholesale price range of $125 to $200 depending on the species of tree. The resident is also responsible for watering and caring for it on a regular basis after planting.

Through May 2005 a total 183 trees have been planted through this program. The total value of the trees to the City of Kansas City, Missouri is over $30,000. The species of trees planted include: Greenspire Linden, Red Oak, Autumn Purple Ash, Capital Pear, Cleveland Select Pear, Red Sunset Maple, Norway Maple, and Autumn Gold Ginko. The trees were planted either working directly with the individual homeowner, a Homeowners Association, or Community Association.

For more information call the Kessler Society office at (816) 527-0190 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Tree Partnership Program is jointly sponsored by the Kessler Society and the Kansas City, Missouri Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners.
Kessler Society of Kansas City, P.O. Box 481903, Kansas City, MO 64148, (816) 527-0190, society@georgekessler.org
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