George E. KesslerThe Kessler Society is a Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Boulevards citizen support organization named after the creator of Kansas City's Boulevard and Parkway system, landscape architect George E. Kessler. Since 1990, the Kessler Society has worked to renew the public spirit, interest, and pride that originally developed Kansas City's famous parks and boulevard system based on George E. Kessler's 1893 plans. The Society is the sponsor of the George E. Kessler web site.


Kessler Society of Kansas City

P.O. Box 414853
Kansas City, MO 64141
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2009 KC Beautiful "George" Awards Print E-mail

Commissioners' Choice

Marla Galetti

Award Recipients

Carol & Allan Hallquist
Karen & Robert C. Hill
Cheryl & Jeff Jernigan
Shanna & David Kimmis
Mary Jo & John McNerney

Parkway Apartments ILP
Pilgrim Chapel
Delores Ross
Therisa Ross
Ruskin Tornado Memorial & Streetscape

Ruby & Derrel Sell
Donna & Gary Smith
Laura & Robert Souden
Carole & Ron Stronach
Laura D. Vescovi

Cora Yarbrough
Stephan Zweifler & Carl Markus, Jr.

Honorable Mention Honorees

Atrium on the Plaza - Steve Wurtzler
Somnig & Glenn Bartley
Black & Veatch - Dan McCarthy
Ollie & Al Canagan
Dee & Larry Childers

Su & Russ Collura
Come Up Higher International Ministries
Covenant Presbyterian Church
Jill DeWitt
George W. Enslen

Caesar Flowers
Lewis Gowin & Larry Rodgers
Benilde Hall
Barbara Haynes

Colleen Kelley
Theresa & Gordon Kempf
Dennis Locke
Mark McCarthy & Dean McKim
Angie Meyer

Mid City Towers #2
Notre Dame Apartments
D. J. O'Hare
The Roasterie Café - Danny O'Neill
Rockhill Manor - Owen Gahagen

Judy Shifrin
Chris Stewart
Kathleen & Jarvis Taylor
Kathi Timberlake
Betty Ward

Lenear & Ralph Watson
Wendy & Rick Werley-Williams
Lela Williams
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